So you want a kitchen?

We manufacture our kitchens using quality materials. The carcasess are manufactured from 18mm MFC supplied by major board manufacturers such as Kronospan, Egger, Hornitex and Sonae. All are carcasses are supplied ridged built and colour matched to the fascias with full height 8mm backs. The base units have an adjustable shelf and blum clip top hinges. Blum Metabox draws are fitted as standard with the option of soft close Blumotion upgrade.

We also manufacture wWall cabinets and are available in three standard heights:
• 570mm,
• 720mm
• 900mm.

Ranges Available

Oslo (plain PVC edged door)

A modern functional design at a very competitive price. Durable 18mm MFC board edged with 2mm matching PVC.

5-Piece Door Designs(available in 3 design categories)

Traditional Design

Venice – a timeless design of traditional bedroom door that has been extremely popular for many years and remains so today. Mitred corners and solid cross-rail

Marlow- a more complex shape than the Venice, the Marlow appeals to customers looking for a higher level of embellishment at an economical price. Also mitred corners and solid cross-rail. 10mm MDF centre panel.

Windsor-a classic design with a genuine raised and fielded panel. This door is the nearest in our range to a traditional solid wooden door. 15mm MDF centre panel.

Shaker Design

Shaker- an economical shaker range particularly popular in white for overpainting. Mitred corners with solid cross-rail.

Jersey-a more true shaker door with wider stiles and butt jointed. Also available with coloured centre panels. All vertical stiles are capped with colour matched 2mm PVC end capping for extra durability.

Tewksbury-A very popular Shaker door with exceptionally wide stiles and a robust and chunky look. The Tewksbury door and drawer have a 2mm PVC along the entire top and bottom for added resistance to wear.

Ludlow-A new entrant into the market with exceptionally wide stiles. Entirely finished in vinyl on both sides yet constructed as a traditional 5-piece door.

Contemporary- Plain Centre Panel

Padua-elegant, clean and simple lines gives this door a modern look and broad appeal. Constructed with mitred corners and a single 10mm MDF centre panel

Ravenna-a ribbed version of the Padua still a clean, modern look but with more embellishment on the stiles.

Contemporary-Raised and Fielded Centre Panel

Mantua-similar to the Ravenna except fitted with a traditional raised and fielded centre panel

Rimini- similar to the Padua except fitted with a traditional raised and fielded centre panel

1-Piece Vinyl Door (available in 3 design categories)

Traditional Designs

York-a traditional bedroom design with soft corners, a curved top arch and clean simple lines.

Durham-similar to the York with soft corners and clean lines but no curved arch – simply a rectangular centre panel.

Selby-similar in appearance to the Durham but with a different routered design to give a more pronounced raised and fielded panel, and a different edge shape. Also with square corners making it look more like a traditional door.

Harrogate-similar to the Selby but with a tongue and groove centre panelling

Skipton-similar to the Selby with squared corners and fielded and raised centre panel, using the same routed shape, but with two narrow panels and a centre stile on doors wider than 368mm

Eskdale-similar to Skipton but three panels wide on doors wider than 558mm.

Ribblesdale-similar to the selby but with a slightly different routered design and a cathedral arch at the top of each door.

Hawesdale-similar to the York but with squared corners for the centre panel and a different routered design.

Widdale-similar to the Hawesdale but with simulated tongue and groove centre panelling.

Shaker Design

Wharfedale-a shaker door with 60mm stiles and a plain inset centre panel.

Garsdale-similar to the Wharfedale but with a simulated tongue and groove centre

Coverdale-A plain Shaker design with 80m stiles

Malvern-a more contemporary design shaker door with 90mm wide stiles and a plain inset centre panel.

On all Shaker design doors the full height bedroom door have a centre cross-rail. All Shaker drawer fascias are plain slab design.

Modern Design-There are 11 Modern designs in the bedroom door range; most have clean simple lines, some with pencil line designs, some with inset handle recesses and some perfectly plain. None have centre cross-rails.

Airedale-This design straddles both Modern designs and Shaker designs as it appears similar to a Shaker in that it has simulated vertical and horizontal stiles but the centre panel is not recessed.

Sorrento-Sorrento follows the “Saponetta” design. Saponetta is the Italian for “a bar of soap”. Thus the Sorrento has smooth curved edges with no lines or angles.

Canterbury-Similar to the Sorrento except with soft “fold-away” corners that give a mellow appearance.

Sienna-the design has smooth curved edges with no lines or angles, and a slightly raised centre panel.

Amalfi-A development from the Sorrento of a soft edge with a soft pencil line following edge creating a double soft appearance.

Naples-A plain design with an angular edge and a pencil line following the edge.

Lichfie;d-A plain design with an angled edge and two vertical routs to create the impression of two vertical stiles.

Beverley-A plain simple design with three vertical pencil lines near one edge of the door.

Genoa-A plain design with a recessed handle horizontally across all drawers and doors upto 1249mm high.

Verona-Similar to the Genoa except that the handle is a short recess in the centre of all Drawers and doors up to 1249mm.

Roma-Similar to the Verona but with chamfered vertical edges


Kitchen image  Acrylic Coffee Cream Kitchen

Acrylic Coffee Cream Kitchen

Kitchen image  Acrylic Red Poppy and Black Kitchen

Acrylic Red Poppy and Black Kitchen

Kitchen image  Acrylic Red Poppy Kitchen

Acrylic Red Poppy Kitchen

Kitchen image  After Kitchen

After Kitchen

Kitchen image  Before Kitchen

Before Kitchen

Kitchen image  Jersey Kitchen

Jersey Kitchen

Kitchen image  Ludlow


Kitchen image  Ribblesdale Kitchen

Ribblesdale Kitchen

Kitchen image  Selby Kitchen

Selby Kitchen

Kitchen image  Shaker Kitchen

Shaker Kitchen

Kitchen image  Tewkesbury Kitchen

Tewkesbury Kitchen

Kitchen image  Windsor Kitchen

Windsor Kitchen

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