Need a replacement kitchen door?

We have a wide range of doors available for those who want to give their kitchen a face lift,

All our replacement doors are available in both standard and non standard sizes. Style and colour are also interchangeable at no extra cost. We also offer a range of accessories to match are doors.

EXCALIBUR - a new, simple way to modernise and update your kitchen
These days most kitchens are well designed for practical use and have solid, robust cabinets. But, with time, the appliances wear out and the fascias – the doors and drawers – get damaged, look tired and worn, or simply look old fashioned. Naturally you want to renovate it, to make your kitchen look exciting, fresh and modern. But the problem has always been how?

Appliances can easily be replaced at keen prices through discount stores and the Internet. But the doors and drawers have always been a problem, often resulting in you having to tear out the entire kitchen and install a new one at great expense.

Now there is a solution. Excalibur – a comprehensive new service that supplies top quality, bespoke kitchen doors and drawers made especially for you, together with handles, cornice, etc., at remarkably keen prices. With Excalibur products you can totally transform the appearance of your kitchen – simply, easily and economically.

Top quality doors & drawers

Excalibur kitchen doors are top quality, made from the highest quality materials. They’re manufactured by one of Britain’s foremost kitchen door companies who also supply many of the fashionable and expensive kitchen showrooms. Every door undergoes stringent quality control inspection before it is despatched. There is no compromise; the quality is impeccable.

Fit any kitchen

All the doors supplied by Excalibur are bespoke - they are made for you, to fit your existing kitchen exactly, no matter what shape or size, who installed it or when.

Enormous choice

There are 40 different designs of door in modern, traditional and shaker styles. There are 50 different colours from plain colours to strong wood grains, from soft touch, through matt finishes to high gloss and even ultra high gloss – the sort of futuristic kitchen you see in the glossy magazines. The choice is enormous.

Excalibur also supplies matching cornice, pelmet, kick plinth, self-adhesive laminate (for exposed cabinet sides) and self-adhesive edgebanding. There are also 130 different kitchen door handles in 8 finishes and glass doors for your wall cabinets.


Handles are viewable on the Showcase page.
Bedroom image  Airedale 629

Airedale 629

Bedroom image  Aluminium Framed Doors 2

Aluminium Framed Doors 2

Bedroom image  Aluminium Framed Doors 3

Aluminium Framed Doors 3

Bedroom image  Aluminium Framed Doors

Aluminium Framed Doors

Bedroom image  Amalfi 627

Amalfi 627

Bedroom image  Bergen Midnight Blue a24 Corner

Bergen Midnight Blue a24 Corner

Bedroom image  Bergen Midnight Blue a24

Bergen Midnight Blue a24

Bedroom image  Beverley 621

Beverley 621

Bedroom image  Canterbury 655

Canterbury 655

Bedroom image  Clear Glass Door

Clear Glass Door

Bedroom image  Coverdale 622

Coverdale 622

Bedroom image  Doors With Glass

Doors With Glass

Bedroom image  Durham 625

Durham 625

Bedroom image  Eskdale 648

Eskdale 648

Bedroom image  Garsdale 652

Garsdale 652

Bedroom image  Genoa 647

Genoa 647

Bedroom image  Harrogate 634

Harrogate 634

Bedroom image  Hawesdale 649

Hawesdale 649

Bedroom image  Jersey 418

Jersey 418

Bedroom image  Jersey Glass

Jersey Glass

Bedroom image  Lichfield 633

Lichfield 633

Bedroom image  Ludlow 662

Ludlow 662

Bedroom image  Malvern 654

Malvern 654

Bedroom image  Marlow 462

Marlow 462

Bedroom image  Mayfair Poppy a20 With Handles

Mayfair Poppy a20 With Handles

Bedroom image  Montage2


Bedroom image  Naples 624

Naples 624

Bedroom image  Norwich 686

Norwich 686

Bedroom image  Oslo 477

Oslo 477

Bedroom image  Padua 392

Padua 392

Bedroom image  Ravenna 477

Ravenna 477

Bedroom image  Real Oak 840

Real Oak 840

Bedroom image  Ribblesdale 665 With Handles

Ribblesdale 665 With Handles

Bedroom image  Ribblesdale 667

Ribblesdale 667

Bedroom image  Rimini 390

Rimini 390

Bedroom image  Roma 662

Roma 662

Bedroom image  Selby 643

Selby 643

Bedroom image  Shaker 483

Shaker 483

Bedroom image  Sienna 664

Sienna 664

Bedroom image  Skipton  632

Skipton 632

Bedroom image  Sorrento 630

Sorrento 630

Bedroom image  Stockholm 395

Stockholm 395

Bedroom image  Tewkesbury 390 With Handles

Tewkesbury 390 With Handles

Bedroom image  Tewkesbury 430

Tewkesbury 430

Bedroom image  Venice 395

Venice 395

Bedroom image  Verona 630

Verona 630

Bedroom image  Wharfedale 653

Wharfedale 653

Bedroom image  White Mdf

White Mdf

Bedroom image  Widdale 622

Widdale 622

Bedroom image  Windsor 394

Windsor 394

Bedroom image  York 620

York 620


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